African Open sky, The Success Story

Founded in 2009 by professionals of the Aviation community with dual experience of International Standard and African realities, the group AFRICAN OPEN SKY (AOS) was founded on the basis of judgment that African continent was suffering from lack of reliable information about its various Airports facilities as well as impossibility to find an African based company providing a full flight coordination in all its countries.

The challenge was to open the African Sky, mean to facilitate all permits processes, provide with updated information such NOTAMs and contact details on platforms, pay for the on-ground charges on behalf of crews, avoid unnecessary and expensive third parties charges by coordinating flights with own staffs to offer a top quality services at reasonable possible costs…

Fortunately as African peoples, it has not been so difficult to solve all these equations. This young company, full of dynamism and professionalism, build up in whole Africa, a strong network of passionate Aviation workers as well as best Airport and CAA’s contacts. AFRICAN OPEN SKY everyday cooperates closely with the Civil Aviation and Airport authorities and already signed agreements with several ones in Africa for exclusive partnerships (granting permits or invoicing worldwide clients on behalf of CAA) in many African countries.

Years after years AFRICAN OPEN SKY indisputably becomes the Leading Aviation services group in Africa with its more than 50 offices and representations across the continent (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo and much more) and its Regional branch in United Arab Emirates, especially opened to be close to its Middle East partners …

Having its African headquarter in Abidjan, the hub of West Africa, AFRICAN OPEN SKY’s main activity is rendering Flight services (Permits, Handling and Fuel) to Governmental, Corporate, Private and Commercial Operators. Indeed, AOS always strives to recruit experienced officers who know the context of all Civil Aviation in Africa, have total ability to solve any difficulty and obtaining all kind of permits in the shortest timeframe possible. Thanks to its strong relationship with all local Aviation Authorities, AOS secures over flight, landing, in very short notice and monthly block permits at the lowest known price.

As well, AFRICAN OPEN SKY puts into customers disposal, its own handling supervisors network, present in each African countries, and listening out to customers by providing with the best Technical, Passenger or Cargo Ground Handling services (transportation, HOTAC, catering, refueling, maintenance, aircraft security, flight planning, computerizing ATC, weather-NOTAMs and all other services in connection with Handling activities) at unbeatable prices and without the extra third parties agent commission…One of AOS important strengths is to be always present where there is nobody to handle your flights.
“Nothing is today so easier in Africa than getting “short notice” permits or finding an AOS’ supervisor ready to arrange and pay all requested charges on behalf of crew, even in countries known to be complicated,” said Mr. MAX O. CISSE, the AOS’ Owner and CEO. “Our particular approach to get problems solved, experiences of African realities, excellent relationship with all local Aviation authorities, the enthusiasm of all our workers in Africa and the confidence of our worldwide partners have firmly built up the reputation and success story that we’re proud of.” ”Naturally our next aim for the coming years is to enhance the cooperation with our Aviation authorities to help and support them in the development of our hundreds airports including equipment, training and Management.”

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