AirBridgeCargo Airlines successfully implements CargoClaims platform

AirBridgeCargo and CargoHub have solidified their collaboration during the CargoClaims platform implementation. The implementation included several training session’s and meeting the specific needs of AirBridgeCargo’s organizational structure. Aiming for the highest industry standards, Airbridge Cargo has joined the standardized claims processing of the CargoClaims which helps their forwarder and shipper clients to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers.

Raoul Paul, Founder of CargoClaims ; “I am extremely happy to welcome Airbridge Cargo to our platform after a long evaluation period and pre-boarding discussions. The functional requirements received from their professional IT and claims handling team helped us to prioritize our roadmap development plan and to add new value to our platform for our customers.” The AirBridgeCargo claims portal is now available for customers to submitupdate and track the status of their claim and will soon be integrated within the website.

We look forward to working with the professional team of AirBridgeCargo Airlines and to continue to support their business excellence program.”

About AirBridgeCargo
Throughout ABC’s development, the airline has achieved strong growth, reporting 17% compound average growth rate of tonnage in the last five years. ABC’s remarkable performance is based on its determination to build and grow long-term relationships with customers around the world and the delivery of best-in-class service, both in the air and on the ground. The airline is committed to operating to the highest industry standards.

About the CargoClaims Platform
CargoClaims provides a standardized and optimized claim handling process which helps forwarders and direct shippers to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers. Airlines are offered a complete suite of integrated tools to manage their claims process with optimized efficiency. The IATA innovation awarded solution improves the customer experience and reduces the claim recovery cycle.

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