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Telangana, June 15, 2020: Along with the Municipal authorities, the team provided a nutrition package and a hygiene kit consisting of 11 items to families of 200 handloom weavers of Telangana. Each kit will help a family of four for 10 days (3 meals each day), that can feed 24,000 meals overall.

The locals who were in dire need of food reached out to the organisation to support weavers in this part of the area.

For last few days, there was a devastating loss in the handloom industry due to lack of materials to weave and visitors to purchase it. However, the Telangana government, Minister KTR, Prominent IAS / IPS officers, Actress Samantha, and other celebrities have been promoting handloom, Ikat and have been encouraging citizens to buy handloom clothing in the state. Speaking about their business situation at Pochampally, one of the heads says, “Earlier due to the wide spread push from many prominent people there has been a good business, we have been getting good orders and daily we could make over 2cr worth of business only here, one of our majorly business depends on people visiting our area, now as there are no people coming here, there is no money. The situation here is bad, and weavers are struggling.”

One of the beneficiaries, S. Swaroopa, a weaver, says, “we got ration food and Rs. 1500 from the government for the last two months. We managed but that food is over, that money is over, I have grown up children to feed and still have no business and we are struggling. This is the first donation I got from people, and I grateful for the organisation to have helped us.” Adding to which Gauri. K, a handloom weaver broke down while sharing how hard she has been struggling for the last three months. She said “Since the lockdown, I have just stayed at home not doing any work. My husband died long ago and it is stressful to raise two children with whatever I earn. For the last few days, I am just trying hard to arrange at least one meal for my daughters.”

Speaking about the distribution among the weavers, Arun Daniel Yellamaty, Founder, Youngistaan Foundation, said, “We are trying our best to help as many as people as possible. When we received a call asking for help for the weaver’s community, we couldn’t say no and tried to do our bit. Handloom is an art and we need to help and protect our art and artists.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming large and disrupting life as we know it, Youngistaan Foundation, a volunteer-driven NGO is reaching out to the vulnerable families from various communities who are majorly hit by the lockdown during these uncertain times.

Apart from this, the organization has also distributed nutrition kits to 13,603 families, 1,45,280 cooked meals, supplied essentials to 40 especially aided and Old age homes which translate to 18,04,640 meals by assisting the Telangana State Police, GHMC and other civil society organizations. It has created a remarkable platform for youngsters to step up and help the community during this period of pandemic times.

Apart from this the organization also runs an active program throughout the year on food and nutrition, zero hunger, education, Menstrual Hygiene Management, child sexual abuse for boys and girls, animal abuse, career guidance and works on 7 UN SDGs.

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