New Yorker Electronics Releases New Picker Components Latching PCB Power Relay

New Yorker Electronics has announced the release of the new Picker Components 40-Amp Latching PCB Power Relay. This new Power Relay is available in coil voltages from 3 to 110 VDC. It is available in single or dual coil mode latching and is 40 Amps at 250 VAC Resistive Load and 30 Amps at 277 VAC General Purpose Load.

The device features 1-watt coil power to maintain contact pressure in the non-latching T90 style relay. This Latching version only requires a 45msec pulse at the same power to switch. The power savings lowers operating costs and increases the reliability of the relay with the significant reduction in coil heat.

Applications for this Green Relay include Energy Management, Metering and Heater Controls. The Silver Cadmium Oxide (AgCdO) contact material and TV-10 Tungsten Load assures high reliability and high surge current capabilities. Insulation material options include UL Class B and UL Class F and it is available in a sealed plastic case or with a dust cover. The PTRL relay is Lead Free and RoHS Compliant.

Features & Benefits:

·         Most popular power PCB relay

·         40 amp switching capacity

·         Single or Dual coil latching

·         1.5 horsepower rating

·         UL Class B insulation standard

·         UL Class F insulation available

·         873 spacing standard

·         Epoxy sealed, immersion cleanable

·         Lead Free & RoHS Compliant


·         Energy Management

·         Metering

·         Heater Controls

Picker Components manufacturers a broad line of electro-mechanical and solid state relays. As a franchise distributor, New Yorker Electronics supplies Picker Components’ full line of Relays including Power PCB Relays, General Purpose Relays, Signal Relays, Plug-In Automotive Relays, PCB Mount Automotive Relays and Solid State Relays.

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