Hoppingo Is Reinventing Product Sampling Post Covid

Singapore: Product Sampling is undergoing a paradigm change due to Covid 19. Consumers can no longer enter a beauty store and try testers. Food sampling is also not the same. Traditional methods of sampling where brands would set up booths, hire volunteers is not just old school but an inefficient and expensive way to sample products. Swati Gauba from Hoppingo Singapore was quoted as saying, “We are speaking to brands and understanding their objective and accordingly recommending the best possible sampling strategy to aid product discovery. We are working towards building data driven sampling solutions where both the consumers and brands get immense value.”

According to the Harvard Business Review, some of the most common reasons new products fail are lack of preparation, lack of market testing, and consumer confusion. If people do not understand the new product and how to use it, they will not buy it. And that’s where product sampling comes in – especially in a time when shoppers cannot wander the brick-and-mortar store to stumble upon your product. 

Hoppingo is reinventing product sampling and helping brands sample products in a new and revolutionary way. They make samples available to consumers in an environment that is most conducive – home. Not just that, they also facilitate feedback and micro influence so that brands can make the most out of their sampling activity. CSAW’s founder Meera Vasudevan, a veteran from the food industry who has spent a large part of her career co-founding and investing in successful businesses in the services and consumer brands area said, “Perhaps the most effective and most ‘close touch’ consumer marketing technique is product sampling. Your consumer gets to experience your product, has to make no financial commitment and provides instant feedback. All this at point of purchase, where decisions are often impulse-driven. Covid has put paid to sampling programs as we all stay home, avoid contact and isolate. Here’s where Hoppingo has turned this problem into an exciting new venture. In-home is the future – consumers opt in for it, they are happy to sample at home and provide feedback. Reduces the costs of sampling physically at various locations and also reduces wastage of random in-store sampling programs. What’s not to like? “ 

Hoppingo allows brands to create sampling campaigns like they create digital campaigns. Brand managers simply need to specify their marketing objective, set their target audience, provide details of the samples and they are set to launch their sampling campaign.

Hoppingo Singapore also has a user base of 10,000+ samplers who are willing to receive samples and provide feedback and exposure to brands. Each brand can select their audience and samples will be delivered to the audience. 

Hoppingo Singapore has also struck an exclusive partnership with Foodpanda wherein they can help brands not just place a sample in pandamart deliveries but also track the performance of the sampling campaign.

With each sample, the recipient receives instructions, and they earn points for completing the task assigned through the instructions. Hoppingo believes that getting your products in the hands of discerning consumers who are willing to share feedback and give brands exposure is a more ROI driven approach to sampling. They have sampling experts who work on every minute detail of the campaign including recommendation on packaging.

DKSH recently concluded a sampling activity for the iconic SCS butter brand with Hoppingo. They said, “this was the first time that we used such a method for sampling, and we were very satisfied. We informed Hoppingo of our activation last minute and Hoppingo was very accommodating and was able to liaise with Pandamart very quickly! The process was very smooth for all parties. We will definitely consider Hoppingo for promotions for our new products in the future”

So, while marketers are preparing to unleash their best marketing plans to make up for the lost revenue, it is important to make sure these plans reflect the new normal and consider changing climate.

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