Kidspreneurship Awarded Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education 2021

Singapore: Kidspreneurship, an education-based start-up that helps kids
inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset early on has recently been awarded
“Leaders in Early Entrepreneurship Education 2021” at the Singapore
Business Awards 2021 by APAC Insider. It has been a long journey from
initially being nominated, undergoing the research and judging stages,
and finally being recognized for an award.

Kidspreneurship was started 2 years ago. This initiative was led by
Swati Gauba in Singapore. She is an Entrepreneur at heart and very
passionate about inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in kids early
on. On winning the award Swati said, “Being recognized as leaders in
early entrepreneurship education gives us a lot of courage. Our camps
and workshops offer a very important life skill. Our aim is to ensure
every child has access to this training in their primitive years. A
decade back there was absolutely no focus on Entrepreneurship education.
However, things are changing. We are integrating our course with schools
and hopefully more schools will open to entrepreneurship education for

Kidspreneurship has conducted camps and workshops and trained 100s of
students between the age of 8-12 years during holidays. They are now
launching a regular program starting September 2021. Enrolments for the
program have already started and there is a great deal of interest in

About Kidspreneurship – Kidspreneurship is a Edutech start-up based in
Singapore. The focus is on Entrepreneurship Education for Kids. Check

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