1. Your Press release may get rejected if your press release is too short or too long. Press releases with 1500 words and above may get rejected, similarly, your press release should not be too short, at least 200 words are required to approve.

2. Your Press release should not be in capital letters or written upper case characters.

3. Try to pitch a story, as journalists/editors are more interested in story articles rather than advertorial articles.

4. Avoid grammatical errors and do proper formating. If you submit an image, kindly share your image with enough pixel so that it can be downloaded easily.

5. Your content should be Copyright and Violations free, you will be responsible for this action. You should be the owner of your article if you have purchased an article, please confirm the ownership rights of the party.

6. Have a legitimate news angle, Contain proper attribution, Contain a valid email and phone number, It should not provoke any hate speech, avoid any duplicate content of the previous article, should contain contact and address details, Please also specify contact person name and position.

7. You should not submit your client’s press release as your press release.

8. Your press release should avoid activities related to gambling, drugs, online fraud, lottery, explicitly sexual activities, pornography, etc.

9. Your press release should not include superfluous adjectives, extravagant language, or any unnecessary cliches. Your press should support facts and examples, and also do you should do some research to support your statements in the draft.

10. You should not employ high English language, try to write your draft as in simple English. Words and phrases should be simple to understand. If possible you should have a summary , Title, and draft of your press release.