How do we promote

We at SendmyPress , a team of professionals with rich experience in online media and digital marketing industry take serious your expectations. We apply our knowledge and experience to deliver the best results possible for the news. We follow all the guidelines and protocols of the media industry and then only we submit your news to our contacts. We ask our clients to follow guidelines given on our website, This makes easier for a journalist to work on the project.

Journalist/Editors and Media Contact

We have a database of an Individual journalist/editors mobile contacts and email IDs, we contact them by Newsletter and Whatsapp messenger service to deliver your news.

Other Tools to Promote your Press Releases

We use different tools online for sharing your press releases/news. For eg, Social Media Icons, RSS feeds, XML , Newsletter, WhatsAPP.

Few Tips for Press Release Distribution

Monitor Trending Topics & Buzzwords

Use a release as background material to support a blogger outreach pitch.

Write a release to position yourself or a staff member as an expert on a topic.

Trend stories need to hit a hot topic.

Thank Journalists for Covering your news

Pitch a story, not a Press release

Don’t write a sales pitch

Try to include interesting details — Not just stats

Write a strong headline

Advantage of Press Release Promotion

1. Instant exposure

2.Increased  in sales potential

3. The chance to boost the effectiveness of your marketing plan

4. The opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert

5. Increased traffic to your website

6. Important SEO benefits

7. A new opportunity to reach your targeted audience

8. The perfect occasion to distribute your content across different channels

9.  Relationship with journalists

10. A Cost-Effective Method to attract deep-pocketed investors