What you can promote

Multimedia Contents (Video, Audio, Footage and PPT Presentations)

You can make your story with Audio, Video, PPT Presentations or Footages and build deep connections with your targetted audience around the global or in social media or in particular industry related media. We can help you to get more views and reach through our channels.

Products Showcase

Do you have any products to showcase in your industry media? We can help you to do it, We will send your press release to technology-related magazines, newspapers, online blogs, digital magazines, youtube channels and other social media platforms where you can get thousands of views. So we can send to media the product details or software or any new application you want to launch.

Upcoming Events, Seminars, Training, and Trade shows.

Press Releases and News Updates

You can send your press releases to reach journalists and attract new customers and gain visibility online through various search engines, websites, social media, bloggers, as well as through print, broadcast, TV & radio channels, mobile channels, etc.

We offer new and improved tools to increase digital word-of-mouth

New Appointments/Hiring

Do you want to announce new hiring at your senior management positions in media? We can do it, you simply have to send us the image and short description of his/her past position and experience and details about his new appointments. We will send the information to related channels to get highlighted in the media.