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Advertise to niche audiences in the perfect context.

Sendmypress allows now advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad spaces on online, print and other publications.

For Publishers

Our platform allows bloggers, website owners, print media publishers, Youtubers and webmasters to publish ads from our advertisers and earn revenue generated through our ad campaign. You have to simply copy and paste an HTML code into your web zones inside or on the home page and ads will instantly start appearing. Advertisers will bid for the highest page traffic web views.

You can also earn through direct selling an online space by fixed pricing for banner, podcast, webcast, videos, email campaigns, advertorials or press releases. We will be the only broker with a 20% commission on online ads revenue and an 8% commission on print media advertising campaign ads revenue. The minimum payout is 20USD.

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For Advertisers

If you are looking for adverting in industry-related publishers or fixed pricing ads campaign, then we are the perfect platform to get you connected with specific publishers either it may be online or print media. You will be a chance to promote your press releases, event updates, new appointments, advertorials, interviews, videos, podcasts, and banners on our publisher network program. Whatever may be your advertising budget we have all types of budget specific publishers accepting as low as 10USD for an advertisement.

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What medium do you use for advertisement?

We use online banner ads, email campaigns, advertorials, interviews, press releases, event updates, print media ads, youtube ads, video ads, classified ads, products and services listed online.

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